Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{me, a celebrity photog?!}

It's true.  I photographed a celebrity.  :) I can hardly believe how it came about, but back in June, I photographed a charity event starring Fabio

A friend of mine who is very involved in animal welfare causes contacted me with this situation.  An organization called SpayFirst was hosting an event in Oklahoma City to raise money for spay/neuter clinics.  The event was to be held at Saks Off 5th Ave at the outlet mall and feature none other than the fabulous Fabio.  :)  To help raise money, Fabio volunteered to have his picture taken with fans and their pets.  This is where I come in.  The person who had volunteered to take the pictures had to back out and they were desperate for a replacement.  Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I HAD to jump on it!

Could I make it on the cover on a romance novel?
I was happy to help this organization and eager to add photographer to the stars to my resume. ;) The event was a lot of fun.  Fabio WAS fabulous and one could see his true love for animals.  

{best barn in town | children portrait photography}

I love all things with a story. Special belongings passed down by generations with memorable stories attached.  It's no different with places.  And there happens to be a fantastic place here in my town.

This old barn is no exception.  I'm not sure how long it's been there, but there is history there.  It is owned by our city, and I hope they don't have any plans to destroy it.  It's lovely, nostalgic, and makes for great pictures. 
I have met with families out there a few times and have many more planned this fall.  Here's some of my favorite images so far. 

Above and below are two of my little cuties on the day I went out to scout the barn.  :)

A handsome set of brothers met me out there for some photos.

And this little cutie met me out there very briefly before the Oklahoma heat made us miserable.  :)

And just a few days ago, I met some gorgeous girls there.  Can't wait to post about their awesome session!