Friday, July 26, 2013

30 minutes in the life | July 2013

One of my favorite things about becoming immersed in the world of photography is the friendships I've made along the way.  Recently, a group of photographers (myself included) decided to embark on a monthly adventure.  Each of us is to document "30 minutes in the life...." each month. 

This is our first month to put together our posts in a blog circle.  I hope you enjoy all the fun blogs. For my first installment, I documented 30 minutes in the life of our adventure eating Limburger cheese sandwich, the "world's stinkiest cheese". 

stinky stinky
Last week my family went on vacation.  It was quite a trek to travel from Oklahoma to NW Illinois, but we thankfully survived (and in one piece I might add!!).  We had several things planned for our time including a trip to Monroe, Wisconsin to eat some stinky cheese. 
Baumgartner's Cheese Store and Tavern has been around since 1931.   It's a fun place with a simple menu; lots of cheese, a few meats, and beer.  We had to drive about an hour to get there from where we were staying, but when your boys believe that eating stinky cheese will be one of the highlights of the vacation, you go! 

Mr. Baumgartner himself!
Pin where you are from! Norman, OK!!
Throwing dollars up to the ceiling with quarters and a thumbtack. 
All money gets donated twice per year locally.

The last donation was over $8000!!

We bought a half of a Limburger sandwich and passed it around.  I'll just say that the bacteria used to ferment the cheese is the same bacteria that makes your armpits and feet stink, so imagine that taste.  in. your. mouth.  Ok, don't. 


my bite

My hubby.  Always a character. 
Grandpa tried a bite.
Too stinky for the baby!

Seth: Stinky Cheese Master  (He ate TWO bites!)

We had so much fun.  If we ever make it back up to that part of the country, you bet we will go back! Aside from the Limburger, we ordered the cheese and salami sampler, bratwursts, pastrami sandwich, and a Reuben.  All delicious!  The local root beer and regular beer was great as well!
(and forgive my blog's messy appearance. I've been fighting blogger for two hours trying to get the spacing correct!!)

And now that you're done with my post, check out the post from Colleen Putman, NYC Photographer.
See you next month! :)
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

at home fun | lifestyle session

I truly love lifestyle sessions.  There's something special about documenting a family as they are at the place they call home. 

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a great family at their home.  I have to say, it was a first time I've ever photographed a family with donkeys!! We ended the night with a playing in the water hose.  It was an all around great time!!

I would love to see what goes on at your home!! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Summer Fun

Summer time is always great here.  My husband is a teacher, so I am very lucky to have him home with my boys and me for three months.  We fill our time with quick getaways, lots of water fun, and many more fun activities. 

One of my favorite things is spending time in our garden.  We love teaching our boys how to care for the plants, and of course how to harvest the goods!

I took our some photos the other night of our youngest in our garden.  He's turning three very soon.  sniff sniff.  I wanted to get some pictures that truly captured our littlest country boy.  You can see the rest of them on my Facebook page

You should check out the rest of the Summer Fun entries over on I Heart Faces! :)

Photo Challenge Submission

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just a preview of all the color fun!

Two weeks ago I was more than happy to photograph my stepbrother and his adorable fiancĂ©e.  My dad has some amazing land near his house, and it was the perfect spot for their engagement photos. 

While I have yet to finish all the images, I couldn't help but put together a quick animation of what went down at the end of the session.  :)

Can't wait to share more!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Come take a class!

When I first started my photography journey, I could only imagine where it could lead.  I've been immensely blessed with opportunities to write (articles here and here)  and several honors (including a magazine cover!) I could not have dreamed all of this.  I've met some amazing people, clients and cohorts, along the way.  And for all of that, I am thankful. 

One of the things I love the most about this adventure has been teaching others.  I enjoy sharing tips and tricks.  I can sooo identify with others who are just starting their journey with their camera.  Trust me, at one time I had a love/hate relationship with my Canon.  haha!
I've held a couple beginner's classes, and they were just amazing.  A more advanced class is next on the books, as well as Skype classes.  I am even going to start a private, online group for all who take my classes.  It is my hope that it becomes a place to ask questions and receive feedback from me and others in the same boat. 

Now, I'm gonna ask for your help with a couple of things.  :)

1. Help me name these classes!  I've been calling the beginner's class "Camera Basics", but I'm not feeling it.  I have yet to even think of what to call the "Advanced" class.  The Skype lessons will go by the same name.  It will just be via Skype.  And,

2.  Tell your friends about me!  You've got to know someone who wants to know how to fully use their DSLR camera.  Maybe it's you!

We all start somewhere.  Here's proof.  My VERY first image off my DLSR on October 8, 2011.  Yikes. 

I would love to teach you to get out of manual and use your camera and your abilities to their fullest potential!  I can't wait to share what I know with you!

~Allison :)