Monday, February 18, 2013

My Ode to a "Farmer"....

It's been a couple weeks since the Super Bowl.  To be honest, I didn't watch one second of the game, halftime show, or any of the inbetweens.  However, I did do a google search of the commercials a few days later.  Anyone else with me?  ;)

I had a few laughs.  Rolled my eyes at a few.  But one hit me in the gut, like took my breath away and made me watch it over and over. I've probably watched it a couple dozen times since then.  I'm talking about the Dodge commercial, "God Made a Farmer".  Millions of people also love the commercial.  For me there are a couple reasons. 

First, I feel drawn towards farm life.  (I know some of you who know me are laughing, but it's true!) Maybe I have some romantic vision of what life on a farm would be like.  It's hard for me to explain.  Getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper has always been difficult for me.  I think that's why watching this commercial was so emotional for me. The images in the ad represented all that I imagine farm life to be. 

one of my favorite fields in town.
Now, I really have very minimal experience with "farm" life.  I would hardly count my failed attempts at a home garden and a short stint owning three goats as the life of a farmer.  My only adventures on a true farm was when I was a teenager. I traveled to north central Kansas with my dad, step mom. and brothers. Her family was (and still is) in farming.  It was here I milked cows and explored vast fields.  I even helped birth a calf one freezing morning.  I think it was there I first sensed my attraction to that lifestyle.  Well, technically the first sense would have been when I read Charlotte's Web back in elementary school.   I think I've always yearned to be Fern.  ;)

my farm boys tilling up last year's (failed) garden.

Back to the commercial and the second reason I love it so.  Before I could even tell what the commercial was about, I noticed the images.  I've researched who the talented photographers were who took the photos for the commercial.  Their work is stunning.  They perfectly captured images that showed the ins and outs of farm living.  These images, to me, were breath taking.  Inspiring.  True.  They are emotional.  They tell the story of farmers, their families and their dedication to their lifestyle. 

I want to be a photographer like that.  This commercial more than ever has prompted me to capture images that evoke emotion and tell a story to everyone who views them.  I want each of my photos to freeze the moments in my clients' lives, so that they can (and for generations to come), look at the photos and be able to relive those memories.  I've made that promise to myself as an artist, that my photos must mean something. 

So, thank you Dodge for such an incredible commercial.  It may not have convinced me to be a truck drivin' woman, but it did inspire me to be the best photographer I can be.  And maybe it will help me get the courage to tell me husband to forget this city living and become farmers.  :)

Now, watch if you haven't already....

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  1. What a great photo of you boys...all of them ha! Love it! We lived in Tulsa for 3 years now we live in NM again, it's pretty windy here more then Tulsa was anyway. Cute blog! Have a good one!