Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just in time for Valentine's Day....

Ok, so it's true.  I'm terrible at blogging.  I am making a vow to put it on my to do list so that it becomes part of my routine.  I digress.....

So, last night I was washing my hair (literally) and had a great idea. 

I was thinking back a couple weeks ago when my sweet boys went to spend the weekend at my mom's house.  My husband and I were very much enjoying our time alone, getting things done and relaxing.  I had been dying to have some photos of just my hubby and me for quite a while, especially since we haven't had any done since our wedding.  So, I asked begged my husband to wake up early and indulge me in a sunrise session down by the lake.  He agreed (after promising donuts) and we headed out.  It was freezing, we were stopped by the Park Ranger, but we were able to get in just a few shots.  And I love them.

So, thinking of all that, moved my thoughts to my desire to take more pictures of couples.  Then it hit me, why not host a contest for all those married couples who have no recent pictures taken together?! 

I'm inviting all my OKC and Tulsa area friends and fans to email me ( a photo of them and their spouse along with a little blurb about themselves and why they would like to win.  The deadline for submitting your photo is Tuesday February 5 at midnight.  On Wednesday I will create a photo album on Facebook of all the submissions.  Contestant are encouraged to tag themselves and share the photo to earn likes (which will count at votes).  Voting ends on Saturday February 9 at 8:00pm.  And as an incentive to enter, all who enter will receive a discounted couple's session!

I'd love to have you enter! :)

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