Saturday, January 12, 2013

twenty thirteen!

Twelve days into the new year, and it's already shaping up great. 

my oldest enjoying a sunset on the lake.

Last year was such a fantastic year with the launch P&PP.  I am still overwhelmed with gratitude for my clients who have made this possible.  I can't believe I did 87 sessions since March.  So many shoots with families, babies and kids.  Two births.  Three weddings.  Several events and parties.  Wow!  Completely unexpected, especially since I first picked up my camera 15 months ago. 

With this new year, I hope to continue to grow and reach more clients.I have a newsletter (sign up is just to the right) that I send out occasionally with deals and specials. Recipients will be the first to hear of new things. I am also working on building a REAL website. Thanks to a fantastic friend (and another photog mama at Cavalier Photography) I can actually do everything easily and on my own...well if I can get the two year old off my lap. haha!

I am going to continue offering various types of sessions.  Family and kid sessions are always fun.  Births are so special and emotional.  I've surprisingly learned that weddings are great and not as scary as I anticipated.  Events and parties are great as well.  The newest session type I will be adding is a "your story" session.  These sessions are different than the posed, smiley faced pictures used for Christmas cards.  They will be used to document your life.  Fun details and memories that might easily slip away will be captured by my camera for you to cherish always.  So whether it's baking cookies with your kids, planting a garden, decorating your Christmas tree, or bedtime routines (literally, the list is endless) I would love to document those times for you. 

Until the new site is up, you can visit me on my Facebook page, although recently it's not been the most reliable at reaching you.  Hence, one of the main reasons I am focusing on my new site and newsletter.  Email is also good

Now, I'll try to play catch up with the sessions I've done.  :)

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