Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cowboy Up!

My nephew turned three last week, and on Saturday we celebrated him cowboy style. My sister in law went Pinterest crazy in finding the perfect decorations, snacks, and activities to fit this fun theme. I was happy she let me practice shooting pictures. :)

Ice Cold Root Beer with Cute Straws

Smore's Bar!

Cute Cookies

Cowboy Cake

Loved the Decorations!

The barn was filled with several horses, all unique.  Some big, and some small.  I've always felt horses photograph beautifully.  I'm glad I was able to get some pictures.  This one below cracks me up.  I imagine her as a spunky, gossipy little horse. 

Below is such a beautiful horse.  The mane in her eyes and that look she's giving me gives off such emotion.  That is, if horses have emotions. 

This one below is my favorite, this solemn old fella.  He was so gentle and seemed wise.  I wanted to take him home.
My entry for Shoot.Edit.Submit. and Sweet Shot Tuesday.
Sweet Shot Day

My brother tossing around his little cowboy! It's so funny to see us as parents. :)

Birthday Boy's Dirty Hands

My little one evidently was not informed on the cowboy theme.  He INSISTED on his superhero suit.

Pretty little cousin

We had a blast!  I mean, who wouldn't with all the yummy snacks and horse ridin'!


  1. Oh my goodness Allison! That looks like a perfect party! Cole's Mommy did a GREAT job! WOW!

  2. How fun! Love the little cowboy and the cowboy theme!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your nephew!!! I wish him all the best!!!
    Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes to you, too

  4. What a great party- Happy Birthday to him!!!!!