Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo Feedback: Garden Boys

Yay! It's time for another Photo Feedback hosted by Mom Tried It.  :)

The other day my husband decided it was finally time to till up our garden.  Of course, I had my camera handy to catch all the action.  As he was tilling, my little ones decided to follow him up and down every row. I probably snapped 20 shots, and I just love how this one turned out. 

I really felt this picture needed a monotone edit.  I think it helps give it a classic Americana feel.  I tried a few different actions to convert to b/w or sepia.  I finally settled on a Pioneer Woman's "Vintage" action and adjusted the levels.  I wish I could have reduced the vignette because it is still a little strong, but I have no idea how.  :)

Any pointers? 

(and I really have enjoyed the Photo Feedback posts.  I truly appreciate the comments and critiques!)

Mom Tried It


  1. I love this. It almost looks like a Beatles shot. ;) Simply adorable.
    My critique was going to be to tone down the vignette, too funny.
    This may help you. Click on the arrow next to the word Vintage. Look down until you see a row that is labeled "edge burn". Click on it and you can just adjust the opacity of the vignette only. If you click on the ye symbol next to it, it will be disabled and not show up at all. If you click on the black and white square next to the words "edge burn" that looks like a black oval inside a white square, that is the layer mask. If you click on it and select a brush you can actually paint it in a shape you like better. Remember white reveals and black conceals.
    I hope that helped. :)

  2. How cute! I don't think you could have done so well if you had posed this shot. The first three are in such perfect harmony - leg position, body posture, head tilt. It is cute that the youngest has lost attention, but is still hanging around. The people have a nice contrast against the darker tree background. The only thing that I can think is to adjust to more of a rule of thirds, but I suspect that there is nasty fence that you were avoiding...

    Cute photo!

  3. I adore this photo! What a fantastic capture. I love how the littlest one is turned. My only suggestion would be to perhaps lighten the image just a touch as it seems a little dark, but that's just my preference. I think if you followed Kim's direction on how to reduce the vignette that may do the trick. Fantastic image!!