Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Somthing I'm Thinking About....

If you're familiar with me, I'm sure you have noticed my little obsession with photography.  It's funny to think that one year ago, I was so unaware of my affinity for this hobby.  Starting out on my iPhone and now shooting with my Canon (and still my iPhone), my abilities and passion have grown. 

I've recently been asked if I would take pictures for friends.  Now that I have done it a few times, I have discovered that I absolutely love it!  On one hand it's great to be taking pictures of someone who is not my child.  But what is even greater, is watching my friends see the pictures I took and how they cherish the photos. 

So, I'm toying around with the idea of taking photos for others who are not in my circle of friends.  I am certainly still a beginner with much to learn.  Practice makes perfect, right?  I'd love to bring others joy and provide them with hard copies of such precious memories.  I also think it would be a perfect part time gig for a stay at home mom like me. 

Who knows where it will lead....


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