Monday, July 9, 2012

{a "bridal" shoot | oklahoma bridal portraits}

A few months ago, my photography teacher (Amber from Fife Photography) introduced me to a group of local photographers.  This group consists of beginners up to professional photographers with years of experience and loads of talent.  They meet monthly to discuss different topics in the photography world. 

The first meeting I attended was actually hosted by Amber.  It was about how to pose clients to look their best.  So great and informative to a newbie like me.  :)  I learned great new ideas not only about flattering posing but also info on clothing and lighting. 

The following meeting was hosted by Benita Cloward of BRC Photography.  She graciously allowed us to visit her "headquarters" located at her beautiful home located in rural Oklahoma.  She spoke about her photography and was open to answering lots of questions.  Benita had arranged for a model to be there in a wedding gown for us to photograph.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to try my hand at getting a few bridal portraits.  I had just gotten a new lens (50mm 1.8) and could not wait to try it out. Benita lead us to a lovely field at sunset.  Then we just started to click the shutter.  :)

When I first started getting into photography, I never dreamed I would be able to take photographs of a beautiful bride.  (This also inspired me to have a special shoot that I will blog about soon!) 

It was such fun and a fantastic experience. Maybe I will have the opportunity to photograph a "real" bride soon!

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