Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm not gonna lie, this camera stuff takes a lot of work!

I posted a while back about taking a photography class.  I cannot tell you how glad I am that I took it.  Being a social worker turned stay at home mom, venturing into photography was like trying to learn Chinese.  I was great when I was just using my iPhone, but a DSLR was so intimidating.  I felt I had all these pictures in my mind I wanted to create, but the buttons and dials were getting in the way. 

I searched out different class options online and found one through a local university.  I almost enrolled in it until I found a hands on class located right here in Norman.  Back in March, I enrolled in Photo Basics I offered by Fife Photography.  This class gave me the solid foundation in camera basics that I really needed.  I cannot say enough good things about Amber Fife.  She is such a talented photographer and is so giving with her knowledge and expertise.  I don't think it's very often you find a professional photographer sharing all her tips and tricks. 

I also took Photo Basics II to learn some more in depth controls of my camera.  Again, this class helped immensly in improving my photography.  On the final day of class we had a mock photo shoot to test out all of our know how.  It was an awesome location in downtown Norman with a gorgeous model, who I think resembles Katy Perry. 

The third class I took was a Natural Lighting Class.  I loved this class.  I love using natural light for my pictures, so it was great to learn how to take advantage of available light.  We also did a photo shoot at the end of this class on the OU campus with a handsome young model. 

When I got my camera, I really was just a mom who wanted to take beautiful pictures of my kiddos and surroundings.  Reading my manual and watching YouTube vidoes only could help so much.  I'm so happy to have found these classes.  They have really boosted my abilities and given me the confidence to take my hobby to the next level.  If you're interested in classes, here is the link.  And if you're reading this outside of the Oklahoma City metro area, don't worry some of these classes are offered online. 

Thanks Amber for your help and new friendship! :)

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