Friday, July 13, 2012

{it's only two months past mother's day}

I love Mother's Day.  Not just because I have a husband and three cute boys who love to spoil me.  For the last four years, the ladies on my mom's side of the family get together for what we call the "Top Chef Mother's Day Cookoff". 

My mother is one of three daughters born to my Granny and late Papa.  I am my mother's only daughter.  My aunt Cindy has a daughter, and aunt Teresa has two daughters.  We all gather on Mother's Day weekend for lots of fun, food and this year "fotography". 

We each are assigned a dish the prior year, and show up that day to win the crown.  ;)  This year's winner was my cousin who prepared a delicious salad with local ingredients. 

(in case you're wondering, mine was the meat dish, an Indian spiced kofta with freshly made naan and tzatziki sauce.)

After lunch we headed out to the backyard to get some photos.  It was fun playing with my self timer.  (I got several funny shots!) 

All the moms and daughters. 
Also, there's Granny with her great-grandchildren.  (She has one more that will be here in about a month!!)

We always enjoy our special holiday.  Preparations for next year have already begun!  I think I've got a real winning dessert! :)

(to visit past years click here and here back when the only camera was an iPhone.) ;)

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