Friday, July 6, 2012

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Back in early spring was when I started feeling comfortable enough behind the lens to do some pictures of someone other than my boys.  The first person to take me up on the offer was a friend (actually one of my husband's former coworkers).  They had their first baby in December and wanted some three month pictures and some new family shots.  A couple of my first blog posts I wrote were about two of their pictures (here and here).  I thought my first "official" photography gig went great!

In June, I took some pictures again for them now that he was six months old.  We met in downtown Oklahoma City for this session.  Baby J brought along his cute three month old cousin Baby R to get a few shots too.  Here are a few highlights from the shoot.  :)

check out those baby blues!

big boy!

old friends having a good chat :)

rub a dub dub, two cuties in a tub!

so handsome

he loved being in the air

so serious!

I got in a few shots with Baby J and his sweet parents.

How cute is this Pinterest pose?

I've loved seeing Baby J grow the last few months!  Can't wait to see you again when you turn ONE!!

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